Chocolate-dipped "cannoli" cupcakes = the way to my heart 😍...

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The Rhythm of Tasty Cookware

Sound on 🔊 The new Tasty Cookware has us dancing in our kitchens! Get yours at Walmart today:

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This Ingredient Is The Only Difference Between Pepsi And Coke

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This chocolate ripple cheesecake is probably the most mesmerizing thing you'll see all day 😱 🍫!

BUTTERFINGER® Dark Cheesecake–Stuffed Cupcakes

Take your cupcakes to the next level by filling them with this BUTTERFINGER® Dark cheesecake!

You can make fried ice cream at home 😱 🍦!

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Puff Pastry Pockets

Make your favorite puff pastry pocket flavor at home 😍...

I'm Kind Of Obsessed With This Olive Garden Breadsticks Recipe

Unlimited breadsticks in my own home!!!

Here's All The Products You Should Have In Your Kitchen (And Why)

Here's a comprehensive list of everything you should actually be filling your kitchen with. Bone apple tea everyone!

Japanese-style ham & cheese croquettes (korokke)

These Japanese-style ham & cheese croquettes (korokke) are making me hungry 😳...

Sous Vide Chicken Breast

Healthy dinner for two: ✔️Not only can you sous-vide a chicken dinner, but you can also precision cook a steak with the One Top! Get yours here:

These chicken parm bites are the perfect finger food! 😱


Is your little one not feeling well? Try these tips on making a sick day better from Playfull!

No-Bake OREO Mint Chocolate Candy Pie

No-Bake OREO Mint Chocolate Candy Pie

You'll get lucky if you make this pie ☘️ ☘️ ☘️

Do you love pizza? 🍕 Do you also love your pet? 🐱🐶

We want to see the most incredible photos of your pet with pizza. Post your pictures in the comments below and you could be featured on BuzzFeed! Inspiration --->

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Tasty Vegetarian

Break out of your dinner routine! Try these easy Vegan One Pot dinners, packed with flavor. 😋 via: Tasty Vegetarian


Eat A Wildly Expensive Dinner And We'll Guess Which Generation You're In

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The stages of dieting... 😳

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Steak and Pasta Dinner for Two

STEAK. PASTA. WHITE CHOCOLATE MOUSSE. YES PLEASE. Get all the tools necessary to make this delicious meal for two with our kitchenware line here:

17 Kitchen Products Under $25 That Will Actually Last

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How To Make Geometric Pies By Lokokitchen

Let's celebrate Pi Day by watching these MESMERIZING geometric pies! 😱
Watch the full version here:

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4 Pies To Bake With Your BFF

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Burger Hack: The Classic Signature Slinger

Burger Hack: The Classic Signature Slinger

Here's how to make Sonic's game-changing blended burger at home! 🍔🍄🔥

Let’s put YOUR dish in the limelight!

To submit your dish, join our Tasty Community Group and post your picture on our pinned 'Cook of the Week' thread. 🍴🍳😋

Pie Cones 4 Ways

Pie in a cone = socially acceptable finger food at your next party 😬! HAPPY PIE DAY!

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Lasagna Chips and Dip

Turn lasagna into party food by making it in chips & dip form 😍!

Avilla Pizza